Here’s Your Eating Itinerary for Saturday’s Chinatown Summer Nights


Chinese New Year isn’t the only time of year when Chinatown sizzles. In fact, the dragon and lion dancers get quite restless during the height of summer and come out to strut their synchronized stuff. And, yes, firecrackers will burst by the thousands (even before the Fourth of July) while Chinese acrobats perform superhuman feats. 

Other attractions at Saturday’s Chinatown Summer Nights include KCRW DJs to move the crowd on the dance floor. LA Weekly hosts a live music stage featuring local bands as well as two special Taiwanese rock bands Tolaku and Quarterback appearing together for the first time in North America. Oh, there’ll be a monkey too—all going on in Chinatown’s Central Plaza from 5 p.m. to midnight.  


Of course, Chinatown isn’t Chinatown without something good to eat. That’s where you’ll find yours truly hosting the culinary stage with former MasterChef contestant Felix Fang. Located at the West Plaza, we’ll present a smoldering evening of food and cocktail demos by some of Chinatown’s best talents from General Lee to Hop Woo. Free samples too! Here’s the delicious schedule:

6 p.m.: Cocktail demos with Grand Star and General Lee

6:30 p.m.: Cognescenti Coffee’s Jack Benchakul brews coffee with halogen heat lamps

6:45 p.m.: Felix Fang cooks up summer noodles, spam musubi, and teochew mooncakes

7:30 p.m.: Chimney Coffee House fries up some Thai grub

8 p.m.: An eating competition involving “Forbidden Fruit.”

8:45 p.m.: Chef Lupe Liang of Hop Woo BBQ and Felix Fang fix a feast of geoduck sashimi, geoduck soup, carved roast pig, and frog legs

9:30 p.m.: Lao Tao Taiwanese Street Food’s Chef David Wang prepares classic Taiwanese oyster omelettes, shrimp omelettes, and HeySong soda float

Hope to see you at the Culinary Stage for music, fun, and food! Who needs the beach when the heat is on all night at Chinatown Summer Nights. Did I mention there’ll be a monkey?

Chinatown Summer Nights, Central & West Plazas, 943-951 N. Broadway, Chinatown, 5 PM to Midnight, Saturday June 27 

Public transportation to event is highly recommended.