Here’s Where to Find Great Matcha Drinks and Desserts in L.A.

You can never have too much

Golden Latte


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This New York import offers a slew of iced and hot bevvies mixed with matcha. Our favorite is the subtly sweet Golden version that also stars turmeric, ginger, and black pepper.

Matcha Napoleon

Midori Matcha

Organic ceremonial-grade matcha is whipped into a cream and dolloped between
three layers of flaky pastry. Try the matcha buns, cakes, and ice cream, too. 

Matcha Doughnut

Donut Farm

In a Silver Lake strip mall, fluffy vegan doughnuts come topped with funky seasonal glazes, including a shiny emerald drizzle made with organic matcha.

Hojicha Soft Serve


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At the end of a sake-soaked meal, the Echo Park newcomer offers a heady ice cream swirl infused with matcha’s nuttier cousin, hojicha, or roasted green tea