Henry’s Tacos May Remain Open

Rumors of a prospective buyer could keep the North Hollywood landmark alive

A few weeks ago, word came from Henry’s Tacos owner Janis Hood that the 51-year-old roadside mainstay would need to shut its doors after a year-long dispute with her landlord. Since then, the community has rallied to keep the doors open, garnering support from celebrities like George Lopez and Elijah Wood.

Now, a post left by Janis on the Henry’s Tacos Facebook page Saturday makes it seem as though there may be hope for a new buyer: [emphasis ours]

“ATTENTION HENRY’S FANS AND SUPPORTERS! Because of your tremendous support and outcry (and probably me with my big mouth in the media!), the property owner has asked me to stay open until January 15 so that (hopefully!) a lease can be worked out with my buyers! I have agreed, so Henry’s will live to see the New Year! Please spread the word and THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOYALTY AND PATIENCE! We’re doing our best to serve you!!!”

Followed about 18 hours later by this one:

“Folks, please don’t say anything more about the buyer or anything re: the sale of Henry’s yet. This is far from a done deal and I know none of us wants to jeopardize a POSSIBLE deal in any way! The parties involved in a lease negotiation are talking again and I have agreed to keep running Henry’s until 1/15. However, if a deal is NOT reached by 1/10, I will have to start making a move. Thanks for understanding.”

So will Henry’s Tacos remain open? We’ll have to wait and see, but until news of a buyer comes through, at least we’ll have two more weeks to get our pocho taco fix.

Henry’s Tacos, 11401 Moorpark St., North Hollywood, (818) 769-0343