Round 3 Is Here! Help Us Pick an Even Better Taco Emoji

Yes, we’re finally getting a taco emoji—but you’ll like these more

We asked—nay, clamored—and we received. Unicode 8, the next version of the standard behind all emoji­, will include a taco among its 37 new icons. Finally, a one-keystroke way to visually express our 2 a.m. craving via text. The future truly is bright.

But before we get too excited, note that the approved taco emoji features the ever-controversial hard shell. And some ambiguous meaty filling. And there’s only one of them—and any self-respecting Angeleno can tell you that one taco is never enough.

So, to celebrate our July cover story, “Taco City” (on newsstands now!) we asked eight of the country’s best illustrators to come up with their own version of the taco emoji. We’re pitting them against each other in an epic post-NBA playoffs-style taco emoji bracket. You voted for your favorite in round 1. Now, it’s time to narrow the salsa-slathered playing field even more. We’ll make the final winner available for download to use through an emoji app like imoji. Check back next Friday to keep your #1 in the running.

Time to get crunching!