5 Hawaiian Pizzas to Try in L.A. (Just Hear Us Out)

Pineapple pizza may be controversial, but these pies are just plain delicious

The internet has a lot of strong feelings about putting pineapple on pizza (surely you’ve seen the memes), but we think the pies these local pizza maestros are slinging could convert even the most vocal haters.

Sacrilegio at Pizzana

Pizzana nods to the controversial nature of the pizza with the name of its take, which translates to “sacrilege” in Italian. The high-low mix of toppings on the pie—available as a special through January 24—includes spam, fire-roasted pork, pineapple jam, and smoked flor di latte. $24, 11717 San Vincente Blvd., Brentwood, and 460 N. Robertson, West Hollywood, pizzana.com.

Hawaiiana at Cosa Buona

Slicing the pineapple paper thin keeps chef Zach Pollack’s take (above) from slipping into dangerous territory. “There’s nothing worse than picking up a slice and readying your open mouth in anticipation of the sweet-and-sour explosion to come, only to have big, cumbersome chunks of pineapple, wet with their own juices, come tumbling off onto the plate.” says Pollack. $17, 2100 W. Sunset Blvd., Echo Park, cosabuona.com.

Bacon with Spicy Pineapple at Grá

This unique iteration features a sourdough crust, smoked mozzarella, cilantro flowers, and pickled pineapple. Treating the fruit in that way intensifies its flavor and “gives it an extra kick,” says founder Michael McSharry. $20, 1524 Pizarro St., Echo Park, gra.com.

Pineapple Express at Antico

Pickled jalapeño peppers keep Antico’s fluffy, foccacia version in balance. “They’re
really the magical component,” enthuses co-owner Kevin Caravelli. “They bring a little heat and acid that contrasts the pineapple’s sweetness perfectly.” $32, 4653 Beverly Blvd., Larchmont, antico-la.com.

Hapa at Ospi

The new Westside restaurant tops its pie with roasted pineapple and both raw and pickled jalapeños and relies on ground pepperoni for the pork element. “Grinding it gives us more surface area and a chance to let bits and pieces char,” says chef Jackson Kalb. $23, 2025 Pacific Ave., Venice, ospivenice.com.

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