Have a Ball: Eating Deep Fried Fish Ball in Alhambra

Go dim sum fishing at Lunasia.

There are a few reasons why Lunasia is my favorite dim sum restaurant in Los Angeles. For one, it’s located on Main Street in Alhambra and has that nostalgic old time main drag feel for which I yearn. Also, the dim sum is made to order and not steaming its taste away on a push cart captained by a surly dim sum cart driver. Another awesome reason is that Lunasia serves dim sum all day on weekdays all the way to 9 p.m. On weekends dim sum service ends at 3 p.m. as it does at most places.

That Lunasia’s dim sum portions are hefty doesn’t hurt. Take for example the deep fried fish ball. Sounds pedestrian but, oh, this tea time treat is a meaty mouthful.

Mobbed with toasted almond slices, the billiard ball-sized orb of fish cake is dominated by the scent of seasoned fish paste. Now, take a bite: First there’s a robust crunch that releases the almond’s nuttiness. Bits of shrimp are mixed in with the fish for a textual contrast. Then you get the flavors: sweet, spicy, salty, succulent.

This deep fried fish ball is a nice break from your every day dumplings. If you’re like me, you’ll have a ball eating it.

http://cdn2.lamag.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2013/07/arrow25.png Lunasia Chinese Cuisine, 500 W. Main St., Ste A, Alhambra, (626) 308-3222