Chicago’s Famed Harold’s Chicken Shack Is Coming to L.A.

It’s sort of like if In-N-Out went to Chicago

Los Angeles already serves up plenty of great fried chicken, but this summer those glorious establishments will face some new competition from Chicago. Harold’s Chicken Shack and Sports Bar is coming to Hollywood Boulevard, bringing along 67 years of poultry-frying expertise, and a deliciously brutal logo featuring a cleaver-wielding chef chasing a chicken.

Harold and Hilda Pierce opened the first Harold’s Chicken Shack on the South Side of Chicago in 1950. They primarily served the city’s black community that larger fast food chains had avoided, and the restaurant thrived. Over the years, Harold’s Chicken opened additional locations in Illinois, as well as Georgia, Indiana, and Minnesota.

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“We are very excited to weave the history of this Chicago institution into the illustrious culture of Hollywood,” Chasity Clark, CEO of the company’s West Coast team, said in a statement. The Hollywood location will be a full-service, sit-down version of the restaurant like Harold’s Chicken and Ice Bar in Atlanta.

The restaurant’s meals, drizzled in Harold’s signature hot or mild sauces, have already attracted several high-profile fans, including Barack Obama. This year Chance the Rapper celebrated his birthday with a cake sculpted to look like buckets of Harold’s chicken, and Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Lupe Fiasco have all name-checked Harold’s.

Prices vary by location, but you can get a peek at the menu on the Harold’s website.

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