Happy National Doughnut Day!


Yes, it seems every other day is National Smoked Whitefish day or National Black Licorice Day or International Stuffed Crust day. But today is different. Today is an arbitrary food related holiday we actually care about. It’s National Doughnut Day, darnit! Celebrate like an American!

You’re obvious option: Scoop up a free donut of any variety from any Krispy Kreme location today.

Us? We’re happily shelling out some dough (yuk, yuk) for a wheel-shaped, deep-fried delight from Stan’s, which we profiled in last year’s Breakfast in L.A. package. One peanut butter-filled and a glazed old fashioned, please.

And as a bonus personal celebration, we’d like to—for once—spell out the sweet treat like a normal person, shunning the fancy rules of all style-guided publications. Ready? Here goes: DONUT. Damn, that felt good.

Happy Doughnut Day everyone!