Happening: Old-Timey Drinking


It’s official! L.A.’s First Annual Beer Week is under way. Kicking off today, some of the area’s best bars, restaurants, and breweries are teaming up to cater to the Angeleno affinity for all things ale.

The slightly-longer-than-a-week Beer Week will feature exceptional events such as Verdugo Bar’s Oktoberfest bash (Oct 17th), Beachwood BBQ’s six-course “Molecular Beer Dinner” (Oct. 19th) and a “Meet the Brewer” night at Lucky Baldwin’s in Pasadena, featuring Dominique Denis, head brewer at Belgium’s famed Chimay brewery. Other events include The Daily Pint in Santa Monica hosting Chuck Silva of Green Flash Brewing on the 21st, pouring a special selection of their cask ales, not to mention a veritable selection of Oktoberfest-themed tastings not to be missed.

The entire affair will close out with a huge fête at Descanso Gardens on Saturday, October 24th, showcasing unlimited beer samples from over 50 breweries, live music, and tasty bites from Patina catering. Tickets for the main event are $40 and are on sale now.

For information on all of the upcoming events, check out http://www.labeerweek.com.