Hannibal Returns: How to Plate Human Parts

Don’t watch this show during dinner


Italian osso bucco, Japanese kaseki, gourmet vegetarian. In the second season of NBC’s Hannibal (the second episode of which airs tomorrow), fiction’s most notorious cannibal ventures past classic French technique to dabble in other popular—though no less appetizing—world cuisines. 

Chef José Andrés continues to consult on the series; the dramatic kitchen and dining room scenes are proof of a professional chef’s touch. Juxtaposed with scenes of gruesome murder and psychopathic manipulation, the delicate knife work, elegant plating, and musings of satiated dinner guests leave the viewer in a perpetual state of nauseated limbo. Without giving anything away, just know that you may never look at a human calf the same way again.

For a network show, Hannibal is grossly entertaining.


Hannibal season two airs tomorrow, Friday, February 28 at 10/9 c