Halloween Food Costume Mash-Ups: Sexy Corn Dog, Cronut, and More

Can’t find the perfect costume? Here’s how to mix and match and make your own.

So, you still haven’t picked a costume for halloween? Fear not, food lovers of Los Angeles! We have been inspired by the city, the sexiest food costumes on the internet, and sheer madness to bring you this, a guide to Halloween food costume mash-ups. Like regular food mash-ups, they’re hot-hot-hot!

Off the shelf adult-sized taco costumes are pretty sad looking, we have to say. (This baby version, though, is pretty appetizing cute.) Spice up your taco suit with some kimchi and call yourself one of L.A.’s own—a kogi taco! Bonus points if you drive around in a truck all day.

Someone, somewhere, has done this better, so when you wear a donut sheath over this Marie Antoinette-inspired costume—plus a beret for emphasis and sold out sign for authenticity—call yourself a cronut knock-off. You’ll never replicate the real thing.

You could go the funky chicken route with this costume, but something about this “sexy rooster” version felt more appropriate when paired with the King of Pop outfit. Together, they’ll make you into a high concept Chicken à la King.

What is sexier than corn? A corn dog!