One of L.A.’s Best Taquerias Has an Impostor in the Philippines

Imitation is the purest form of flattery? Maybe?

Looks like it’s Everyone Swaggerjack L.A. Day. First you had Cali Burgerthe In-N-Out imposter that started slinging Animal Style fries in China—and now you have Guisados, a…. Guisados knockoff in the Philippines that’s so shameless it didn’t even bother to change the name.

People are putting the Filipino Guisados on blast in the comments section of an Instagram post from the restaurant that shows a logo clearly similar to the taqueria in L.A. User @daveysanchez says: “Build your  own brand… no matter how hard you try you’ll never Be the Guisados you stole your idea from.”


Sure, sure, sure—tacos de guisado aren’t the least common food in the world, and mayyyybe it’s just a coincidence. Except… no, it’s not. Like, at all. Just look at the fonts side by side. If you’re one of those people who analyzes serial killer handwriting samples for a living—or if you just have a functioning brain—these are obviously way too close for comfort.


How many capital Gs actually extend downward like that? And the faux cursive “u” bleeding into the “i”? I get copying a restaurant’s menu, but the font? That’s cold.

But here’s the weirdest, dirtiest thing: The fake Guisados is straight-up stealing the real Guisados’ identity and backstory. Check out the “About” sections from each of the restaurants:

Real Guisados: “If you grew up in a traditional Mexican home, guisados brought you comfort and familiarity… They were the weekday preparations.”

Fake Guisados: “Here at Guisados, our specialty is stewed tacos… We like to say that our food is like Mexican comfort every day kind of food.”

It’s like the fake Guisados took the description of the real Guisados and just jumbled the words around. It looks like fake Guisados even stole the taco sampler plater combo that real Guisados is famous for:

A photo posted by @guisadosrestaurant on

Note to everyone trying to open a restaurant—a plot summary from the movie Single White Female is not an appropriate owner’s manual.