Golden Globes Grub: What the Stars Will Be Eating on Awards Night

1,300 celebrities and various important people descend on the Beverly Hilton for a pre-awards dinner

To make extra beer (and rent and tuition and books) money in college, I worked for a local catering company. Most of our business was dropping off pre-made pastries and burnt coffee for small office meetings, but there was also the occasional 500 person dinner party blowout, where the main objective—and not necessarily an easy one—was to make sure the steam table trays of lasagna, hamburgers patties, and pulled pork stayed warm enough for guests to not ask for their money back.

Feeding 500 people, even if they have low expectations, is no joke. Feeding 1,300 award-nominated actors and other rich, important people? Seems horrifyingly impossible. But such is the task laid out before the Beverly Hilton executive chef Troy N. Thompson and pastry chef Thomas Henzi come Sunday January 10, when a who’s-who of celebrities flood the hotel for the 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards.

“It’s an honor to create this special menu for the Golden Globe Awards,” said Thompson in a press release. “We’re happy to be able to showcase the talents of our chefs and culinary team members, who look forward to presenting a show-stopping menu for the guests of this prestigious star-studded event each year.”

“Show-stopping” might be a bit much to describe baked sweet potatoes covered in creamed corn—it seems more like something out of my old employer’s playbook—but, damn, those pastries look like straight up Michelin bait. Check out the full menu for the event below.

California Market Salad
– eggplant, bok choy, daikon, lotus, mustard greens, ginger dressing

Golden Globes Food Salad
Lotus roots are so cool looking

Photograph by Faye Sadou at the Beverly Hilton

Filet of Beef and Steelhead Trout
– marinara crust, black garlic, spaghetti squash, fried capers, sweet potatoes

Golden Globes Food Steak
A little surf ‘n’ turf action for the main

Photograph by Faye Sadou at the Beverly Hilton

Sweet Potatoes (V)
– salt-baked, creamed corn glaze, winter vegetable fricassé

Golden Globes Food Potato
Sweet potatoes stuffed with creamed corn for the vegetarians

Photograph by Faye Sadou at the Beverly Hilton

Cake Trio
– flourless Grand Marnier, California almond, lemon mousseline croquantine

Golden Globes Food Cover
A trio of cakes to finish the night

Photograph by Faye Sadou at the Beverly Hilton