Goin’ Back to Kali(mantan) Cuisine at Borneo in Alhambra

Oxtail curry with a side of geography

The Little London Fish & Chips in Alhambra used to be sort of a Trojan horse of restaurants. The fish and chip shop lured in diners craving fried cod and potatoes and then seduced them with a semi-secret menu of Indonesian or, to be precise, Kalimantan cuisine. Now the restaurant is called Borneo and you won’t find a stick of fish or potato on the menu any longer. Now it’s pretty much all Kalimantan cuisine all the time.

Kalimantan, on a map, is the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo. Much of the food at Borneo is representative of the region, including the oxtail curry.

Here’s a little geography lesson concerning the oxtail curry with vegetables at Borneo restaurant. It’s technically a dish from Java, another Indonesian island that houses the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta.

This oxtail dish is more often seen as a soup seasoned with nutmeg, ginger, and cloves, among other things. At Borneo, the segments of meaty oxtail bob about in a sweet, thin, yellow curry. Fortifying the oxtail are traditional ingredients such as tomato, crunchy cabbage, potato chunks, green onion, and fried shallots.

Dump your steamed white rice into the curry for a really satisfying Indonesian-style meal. While the rice absorbs the sauce, nibble every bit of sweet meat off the tail bones for an absolutely gluttonous experience.

I enjoyed it so much that I’m goin’ back for more Kali-Kali-Kali(mantan) cuisine at Borneo as soon as I can. (With huge apologies to L.L. Cool J.)

Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine, 19 South Garfield Ave, Unit A, Alhambra, (626) 282-4477