The Coffee Geniuses of Go Get Em Tiger Just Made an Exciting Announcement

After 18 months of secret tinkering, they’re finally spilling the beans

After five years of serving delicious coffee at shops across L.A., Go Get Em Tiger is starting something new–and we’re not talking about the two additional locations of the burgeoning chain that are set to open in the coming months. As of August 14, they’ll be serving and selling coffee beans they roast themselves.


For the past 18 months, the team has been discreetly developing a roasting program out of an industrial space in Vernon. Some of the coffees they made even slipped into rotation at their cafes, so if you’re a regular you may have already sampled what’s to come. Now, they’re ready to formally debut the product across their shops, both behind the counter and for retail sale, according to an announcement of the project that Kyle Glanville, a co-owner of the brand, posted on Medium earlier this week.

Photograph courtesy of Kyle Glanville / Go Get Em Tiger

“For us, roasting is an opportunity to amplify a great coffee’s natural sweetness while magnifying all of the complex character intrinsic to the bean,” Glanville writes. “We’re thrilled to deliver our vision of great coffee roasting and perhaps to begin to define what L.A.’s coffee identity can be while we’re at it.”

That’s a bold vision, but when it comes from one of the people behind what The New York Times once declared the best iced latte America, maybe it’s worth taking seriously.

The Go Get Em Tiger roasts will be available online via a subscription service launching in fall; a “friends and family” sign-up is currently available, which will include five 12-ounce sacks of coffee delivered to your door for $100. Or, of course, you can try the coffees at the company’s existing locations in Larchmont, Los Feliz, and inside Grand Central Market, or at the forthcoming Highland Park and Arts District cafes, both expected to open their doors before the end of this year.

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