Go Fish: Grand Central Market Now Has a Fresh Seafood Stand

It’s curated by chef Mark Peel and offers a local, sustainable seafood selection

Every day seems to bring more exciting news from Grand Central Market. In the past few weeks alone, the Downtown food hub has added falafel shop Madcapra and La Tostaderia, a Mexican mariscos spot. Then, there was that bit about Wexler’s Deli starting up their smoked-fish-to-go service. Well, now comes even more titillating fish-related news: chef Mark Peel’s new seafood stand is now open for business.

Bombo Fresh Seafood Market was promised earlier this year when Peel opened Bombo the restaurant at GCM. The focus of the adjacent market, which debuted yesterday, is sustainable seafood, much of which is featured in Bombo’s steel-drum-kettle-cooked dishes. You’ll find mussels, clams, shrimp and squid along with local fish, like salmon and yellowtail, plus oysters by the dozen. The selection will change daily, and specials will reflect whatever the chef can get his hands on that day—things like sea bass and scallops.

Fishmongers who know their stuff or Peel, himself, (how often do you get to ask a pioneering Cali-cuisine chef about what you should make for dinner?) will be manning the counter, so it should be a pretty great food-shopping experience for fish aficionados and novices alike.

redarrowBombo Fresh Seafood Market, 317 South Broadway St. Hours are 11 am – 6 Sunday thru Wednesday; 11 am – 9pm, Thursday thru Saturday.