The Glendale Galleria Parking Garage Is Officially the Bleakest ‘Al Fresco’ Dining Destination

Mall reps say sitting amid the concrete pillars and idling autos offers a ”sense of normalcy,” which is pretty depressing

We are all extremely eager to get back to a world where we can have meals at restaurants with friends or even go shopping at the mall, gathering up bags worth of fast fashion “going out tops” (which we would, in this hypothetical, wear to, you know, go out) and maybe slurping down an Orange Julius along the way. But we have to draw the line somewhere, and that somewhere is sitting at tables in the garage of the Glendale Galleria shopping mall, dining on food court fare.

The parking garage “dining room” is marked off with orange traffic cones and takes up a plot of concrete not far from where cars are still coming and going, with shoppers parking as they head to Target, JCPenney, and other mall shops that are open either for in-person or pick-up shopping. Staff appear to have hauled out chairs and tables straight from the regular food court; for “ambience” squares of artificial grass have been placed under a few of the tables.

According to the mall’s website, only a handful of concessions have reopened for service, including McDonalds, In-N-Out, Kura Sushi Bar, and Massis Kabob. Orders can be placed in advance to be picked up in the garage.

“Our mall team has gotten creative so our guests can experience a small sense of normalcy and have a meal in a safe, distanced way,” a rep for the mall told KTLA.

But is this really “normalcy” we want? Or does the very idea of wanting so badly to get out of the house and have something like a restaurant experience that you’re willing to suck in exhaust fumes inspire a pang of terrible longing and deep sadness?

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