Gingerbread Oreos Hit Shelves, Santa Stoked


OK, it’s more than a little weird when it’s 93 degrees outside and the Grove has its Christmas tree up. But there is a plus to celebrating the Holidays way, way too early, and it comes in cookie form. Yes, hot on the heels of Halloween’s Candy Corn Oreos—which I proudly dubbed the greatest food ever (judge me as you will)—comes Nabisco’s gingerbread flavored variety. We have yet to get our paws on a pack—they’re available only at Walmart, for now—but where Candy Corn tasted precisely like Funfetti cake frosting, we predict these will taste much like Snickerdoodles. And if you can find a fault in that, there’s a vacant house in Whoville with your name on it. 

(Photo courtesy Consumerist)