Gig of the Week: Say Cheese



It’s that time again when I show you a foodservice job opening that makes me contemplate a career change. Yes, I’m fully aware of the awesomeness that is my present position, but this week it’s my ultimate weakness. My kryptonite. That’s right, we’re talking cheese

Part time floater for Cheese Bar at the hottest restaurant in L.A. (Los Angeles / West Hollywood)
Date: 2008-05-14, 10:37AM PDT

Comme Ça, modern French Brasserie in West Hollywood, is looking for a highly motivated individual for its Cheese Bar.
Qualified applicants must have:

*** Excellent service and communication skills
*** Have the ability to work in a fast-paced, spontaneous environment
*** Have food -handling experience – understands the importance of proper food handling procedures
*** Have some experience with cheese

There will be light prep work involved. We are looking for someone who is prepared to work and grow in a fun and fast-paced environment. We are looking for someone who wants to work in the Cheese Bar; this is not a server position.

Please send resume with reply. Position is available asap. Shifts available can range from opening to closing shifts (only 2 available) and may change. Flexibility required and flexibility is offered.

Hottest restaurant in L.A., eh? I’ll let it slide. But are you friggin’ serious? The chance to work alongside bodacious cheesemaster (OK, “fromager”) Todd Jasmin? The chance to come home reeking of gym socks every night, fingers still stuck together with dribbles of Epoisses? In short: Yes please.