Get a Taste of Ojai’s Favorite Little Fruit, Froyo Style

Sweet Rose Creamery will feature Pixie tangerine frozen yogurt for the entire month of April

In Ojai, Pixie tangerines get their own month. The city’s businesses take the season pretty seriously, infusing the little fruit into everything from spa body scrubs to olive oil. There are also Pixie-themed pool parties to attend and sales discounting all orange items in some shops. Of course, plenty of restaurants get in on it, too, offering tangerine cakes, puddings, scones, and cocktails (just to name a few things) throughout April.

Here in L.A., Pixies are readily available in their natural form, but if you want to really get in the spirit, you can head over to Sweet Rose Creamery. Starting Friday, and continuing throughout the month at all locations, the ice cream shop will be offering a special Ojai Pixie frozen yogurt with fruit from Ojai’s Friend’s Ranch, a family farm that’s been growing the tangerines since the 1970s.

Master ice cream maker Shiho Yoshikawa says that Pixies are a great match for Sweet Rose. “We got pitched by [Ojai’s Visitor Bureau], and they were wondering if we could use the Pixie to make a flavor at our store, so I said, ‘Why not?'”

To create the flavor, Yoshikawa tested out a couple of options before deciding on a yogurt base. She really liked the way sorbet showcased the fruit, but since Sweet Rose featured a Page tangerine (a grapefruit and tangelo hybrid) sorbet in March, she wanted to switch it up.

“We offer different flavors every month, so I just wanted to bring something new, and I always, always, always love orange-y flavor with milk,” she says. “Orange and milk, if you do them together, it doesn’t taste that great as a raw material, but when you mix them together and make them into frozen things, like a Creamsicle, it’s always nice and refreshing and super yummy.”

That Creamsicle concept is something that Yoshikawa says she’s played around with a lot in her ice cream making, using other tangelos and other citrus varieties. This time around she says she went with froyo over ice cream because the brightness of the Pixie comes through best when yolk isn’t in the mix. The tang of yogurt is also a good complement to the tang and sweetness of Pixies. “It just brightens up a lot,” she says.

Sweet Rose Creamy has multiple locations—find the one closest to you on their website. If you want to get in on even more Pixie action, check out a full list of events here. There’s even a foraging-meets-mixology event featuring Matthew Biancaniello, cooking class, and orchard tour.