Get Out the Vote: L.A. Taco’s 2014 Taco Madness Starts Next Week

Let the madness begin!

In Los Angeles, eating tacos is one of our greatest pastimes—here we taco on the streets, at loncheras, in taquerias, and even at chef-driven restaurants. With each year, we expand our taco horizons. To celebrate the snack we love to love, created Taco Madness in 2009.

As part of the tasting festival, fans pick a winner for the year, naming it the best taco in the land. The list of past winners is a window into L.A.’s soul, or at least the city’s taco pulse. In 2009, it was Yuca’s, a favorite of food talk forums that triumphed over a now forgotten El Taurino. The taco that would launch a thousand catering trucks by chef Roy Choi’s Kogi BBQ also took home high honors. By 2010, Mariscos Jalisco and Mexicali Taco Co. came to dominate the discussion, and in 2013—the year of the taco—a new breed of taquero, led by Guerrilla Tacos, emerged.

Already confirmed for the 2014 Taco Madness competition are rivals and past winners Mariscos Jalisco and Mexicali Taco Co, the taco styling of chef Wes Avila and his Guerrilla Taco truck, and newcomers El Coralense, and Carnitas El Momo.

The voting begins next Thursday, March 13 in advance of L.A. Taco’s big event on April 5 at Grand Park. That’s when the winner will be announced, and the city will celebrate—With what else? Tacos! Madness 2014


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