Get ‘em While They’re Hot!: It’s Hatch Chile Season at Plan Check

Chef Ernesto Uchimura works the cult New Mexico pepper into burgers and more

Crazy about Hatch chiles? You might want to head over to either the Plan Check Kitchen + Bar on Sawtelle or Fairfax and before hatch chile season is over and get your fix of New Mexico’s prized pepper. Fanatics all over the southwest and even out here in Southern California are frantically roasting chiles and freezing them to use beyond their short harvest season, but chef Ernesto Uchimura of Plan Check Kitchen + Bar is serving them right now until the season ends in less than two weeks.

Uchimura is offering Hatch chiles on all of his delicious hamburgers for an extra charge, but is also running specials like hushpuppies in a Hatch chile chimichurri sauce which bursts with the bright flavors of fresh Hatch chiles and a mild heat that makes this pepper such a crowd favorite.  It sure beats roasting chiles in this record heat we’re experiencing in L.A.

“Hatch chiles have always been on my radar ever since I had a Hatch chile burger at Bob’s Burgers in New Mexico, and because of the restaurant I’m in tune with burgers,” said Uchimura. Plan Check Kitchen + Bar will be running multiple specials until the Hatch chiles run out. Uchimura also happens to be the only chef in town that uses genuine cayenne peppers when he can get his hands on them, so consider Plan Check a veritable hot spot for chileheads.

redarrow Plan Check Kitchen + Bar, 1800 Sawtelle Bl., West Los Angeles, 310-288-6500 and 351 N Fairfax Ave., Beverly Grove,  323-591-0094