Get Cozie: What to Get Your Beer-Loving Tinder Date

Because even your sometime booty call deserves a thoughtful gift?

That girl/guy you met on Tinder and subsequently hooked up with last Friday night? What if the heavens part and Jesus Christ himself decends from up above she/he calls you on Valentine’s Day?! Don’t get caught empty handed, darling. Think:

Flowers: too expensive.
Chocolates: too fattening.
Jewerly: too serious.
Dinner out: Who are you kidding?
Matching beer cozies: Oh, hey!

The one thing all relationship averse Tinder users need more than love is beer. And the most thoughtful gift a self esteem-hungry belle can get her brew-loving beau is a beer cozie. No pressure, no expectations, just the promise that his beer will stay cold. Next to yours.