Get an Early Taste of Otium and Viviane While Watching Netflix on Your Couch

Din, the digital food delivery startup, is providing an interesting platform for chefs to get food to diners

Next weekend you’ll be able to get an early look at dishes from Viviane and Otium, two of L.A.’s hottest yet-to-open restaurant. And the best part is, you only have to leave your favorite Netflix watching couch for 20 minutes. Popcorn is overrated anyways.

The digital food startup Din partners with restaurant chefs to adapt their recipes towards the home cook without getting anything lost in translation. Someone from the company sources and preps all the ingredients, packs them neatly away in a box, and delivers them to your home with instructions on how to fire the dish. Most of the recipes are designed to be cooked within twenty minutes and priced at $15 per serving.

Perhaps the most useful part of the format is that it provides restaurants that haven’t opened yet with a low-overhead means to showcase some of their dishes. It doesn’t suck up time and resources like a pre-opening-night pop up and there’s no significant cost to entry for the chefs. It’s no wonder these two big-name restaurants jumped on board.

Timothy Hollingsworth and Otium will be serving up—well, more accurately, you’ll be serving up—pork belly with cauliflower, Thompson grapes, and a fermented Japanese chili paste called kanzuri. As long as you know how to turn an oven on, place meat in a hot pan without burning the house down, and arrange food artistically on a plate, this dish can be on your table in 20 minutes.

Michael Hung, formerly of Faith and Flower, is doing an apple salad with rainbow beets, pork tenderloin, and a pumpernickel crisp in the name of Viviane, his new project backed by Stephane Bombet. This recipe also takes 20 minutes to cook and requires no special skills outside of slicing up apples and searing off meat. And, with such a poetic description from Din, you won’t be able to resist: “It’s said that we eat with our eyes, and red, yellow and candystripe Chioggia beets tempt us with a kaleidoscope of color. Tender pork gets a lift from zesty horseradish and the crisp sweetness of autumnal apples.”

Otium was set to open September 20 inside the new Broad museum downtown but that date was recently pushed back to an unspecified time in October. Viviane is supposed to open in Beverly Hills’ Avalon Hotel around the same time.