L.A.’s Least Boring Ice Cream Flavors and Where to Find Them

Why be plain vanilla when you can be one of these?

Per edict from the Ice Cream Authorities–a body we’re sure is very real and definitely not to be run afoul of–July 21 is National Ice Cream Day. And, while L.A. has no shortage of suitable scoops, we’re skipping the typical chocolate and vanilla this year, and honoring this auspicious day with flavors from local shops that veer toward the bold, quirky–and totally craveable. Here are some highlights. 

Black Olive Brittle & Goat Cheese
Salt & Straw


Ingredients more often found on a pizza or a Greek salad combine here to make a bold ice cream. The oil-cured olives from California Coast Naturals, are used to create a salty candy brittle, which is then mixed into an ice cream base made with goat cheese from Cypress Grove Creamery. The result is a salty-savory-sweet blend that will keep you coming back. 

Faloodeh (Rosewater Sorbet & Rice Noodle)
Mashti Malone’s


Mashti Malone’s specializes in Persian ice creams, and their Faloodeh sorbet is a perfect example. The rosewater flavor provides a lightly perfumed, aromatic sensation, while the rice noodles add a fun texture treat. 

Guava & Cheese
POPS Artisanal Creamery


Cheese in ice cream is kind of a thing now, obviously. POPS founder Marthin Ken was inspired to craft this flavor after eating a refugiado strudel at Porto’s Bakery. The guava paste at POPS is made in-house, for an extra delicious tribute to the classic.

Sun-Popped Corn
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams


Jeni’s has figured out a way to turn your hot-and-salty movie theater snack into into a light-and-creamy treat. BjornQorn large-kernel popcorn (literally popped by the sun, btw, thus the name) gets mixed up with sweetened cream and milk from grass-grazed cows. The result is a cool scoop of summer.

Secret Breakfast
Humphry Slocombe


When Humphry Slocombe moved down from S.F., they brought their signature flavor with them. What’s in a “secret breakfast”? Bourbon and cornflakes, of course. The bourbon ice cream base has a warm, deep flavor; the house-made caramelized cornflake cookie bits add some crunch. We’re not exactly sure why the bourbon and flakes go so well together, but they are both made from corn, so let’s go with that.

Bee Pollen Gelato
Gelateria Uli


This bee is more sweet than sting. Uli Nasibova decided to create her bee pollen gelato after hearing the stuff can offer major health benefits. Nasibova sources her pollen from Aunt Willie’s Apiary in Bellflower and steeps it in hot milk to craft the gelato base. The resulting flavor is heavy on honey, but with earthy, unexpected notes.

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