Frugal Find: Wake Up with Turkish Breakfast and Baklava at GüllüoGlu


Buttery, nut-filled confections have made Güllüoglu the world’s largest supplier of baklava. But the Turkish company’s new Granada Hills branch has become a neighborhood sensation for more than its sweets. Every morning locals flock here for breakfasts of basturma-spiked eggs with inky Turkish coffee. Inside the glittering display cases you’ll find the street foods and specialty snacks of Istanbul: Acmas, which resemble inflated bagels, come stuffed with feta and soujouk, a dry, spicy sausage. The tricky-to-make börek is a phyllo pastry filled with spinach, cheese, or ground beef. Sweet brioche-style dough folded over feta becomes golden bogacha. But there’s no reason to resist the baklava: Sprinkled with pistachios, flavored with honey and rose water, it’s why Güllüoglu is a Turkish institution and why, yes, we’ll be having dessert.

10662 Zelzah Ave., Granada Hills, 818-363-2030