Frugal Find of the Week: Poke-Poke

It’s odd that the Venice Beach Boardwalk, home to both fitness gurus and vegan Rastafarians alike should hold little else, in terms of food, than cherry slushies, corn dogs and $1 slices of rubbery cheese pizza. A nourishing beacon of hope may lie in Poke-Poke, a small stand that opened across from Muscle Beach late last year specializing in Hawaiian poke, a sashimi salad made from marinated cubes of raw tuna tossed with shoyu, Maui onion, scallions and sesame seeds.
Despite the near fanatical obsession most Hawaiian’s have with beachside poke shops, the dish is relatively rare here in Los Angeles, at least in a non-bastardized form. Poke-Poke owners Trish and Jason McVearry, both Oahu transplants, source fish from nearby Santa Monica Seafood and prepare each poke to order, even adding in optional extras like limu seaweed, macadamia nuts, kale, jalapeños, and wasabi for no extra charge.
Hardcore islanders will undoubtedly dispute details of authenticity such as proper marinade times or the inclusion of roasted Indonesia candlenut. For the majority of mainlanders, though, Poke-Poke provides an excellent taste of what is perhaps the ultimate sand-n-surf food.
1827 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, CA 90291