Frugal Find: Mishi’s Strudel Bakery and Café

Hungarian pastries are just the start at Mishi’s Strudel Bakery and Café

The grandmotherly charm of Mishi’s Strudel Bakery and Café in San Pedro draws you in, but the polished eastern European cooking and the Hungarian-style pastries make this more than an old-world novelty. Owners Aniko and Mishi Schueller pack flaky crusts with such fillings as wild blueberries or tart cherries and savory combos like spinach and beef. They also plumb their childhood memories to re-create traditional palacsinta (filled crepes) and soul-warming gulyas leves, a thin, garlicky goulash spiked with paprika and loaded with lean beef. Recipes come courtesy of Mishi’s aunt, Ethel Palfi-Vollmer, who owned the Hungarian Strudel Shop in El Segundo. 

A high note: The couple, a concert pianist and a mathematician, respectively, host Opera Nights inspired by their singer son, Peter. For the monthly events music lovers converge at the café to warble and nosh. // 309 W. 7th St., San Pedro, 310-832-6474.

Photograph by Jessica Boone