Frugal Find: Guatemalan Gems at Tikal

The El Sereno restaurant highlights regional cuisines of Guatemala.

After visiting their homeland of Guatemala, Mario Granados and Darwin Amado returned with recipes for the country’s regional cuisines, from the coconut milk-laced cooking of the Caribbean coast to the pre-Hispanic flavors of the indigenous highlands. The couple’s new El Sereno restaurant showcases polished versions of the nation’s dishes, such as envuelto de guisquil, egg-battered chayote stuffed with cheese; crispy Guatemalan-style enchiladas—flat, not rolled—with shredded beef and pickled beets; and mole-like recados, including jocón, a puree of fresh herbs.

Tikal, 4838 Huntington Dr. North, El Sereno, 323-352-8274