Fried Chicken Waffle Cones to Hit the L.A. Streets

Carb & Nation is debuting their handheld take on chicken and waffles at Tested.LA

Chicken and waffles in the palm of your hand? That’s a promise from Carb & Nation chefs Fata Wijaya and Kevin Micheli, who have plans to unveil their fried chicken and waffle cones at the Tested.LA kitchen on Saturday, Sept. 9/27.

“We’ve been obsessed with fried chicken for a while now,” says Wijaya, who most recently squared off against Farid Zadi and Susan Park for an Indonesian-Algerian-Korean event billed as the International House of Fried Chicken. Carb & Nation’s quest for sophisticated street food (think achiote-braised chicken mole flatbread sandwiches and miso-glazed pork belly buns) gets an added dose of whimsy with their latest creation.  “We first heard of the idea from Brooklyn Star in New York City, but it hasn’t been done here yet. We wanted to create a West Coast version that appealed to the people of Los Angeles.”

Two versions are being offered. The first, American-style, is stuffed with roasted sweet potatoes as its main starch, fried “chicken nuggets,” apple coleslaw with lemon-coriander dressing, and is topped off with fig syrup and goat cheese fondue (housemade buttery habanero hot sauce available upon request). The second, Indonesian-style, will use coconut rice, pickled daikon, carrots, cucumber, and fried coriander-spiced thigh meat, ginko nuts, and galangal-coconut-kaffir syrup instead of maple, with housemade sambal for an added kick. They’re still in the middle of a test run for waffle batter, but we’re nonetheless excited at the wonderful prospect of chicken grease contained inside an extra-crunchy waffle cone.

redarrow Carb & Nation at Tested.LA, 3329 Division St., Glassell Park, 323-577-2027