Free Pizza and Hot Dogs This Weekend

Pay-what-you-like pizza from PizzaRev in K-town and free wieners from West Covina’s Dog Haus

PizzaRev Opens in Koreatown
Cosmo Kramer may have had his fair share of harebrained schemes in Seinfeld, but he was onto something when he told Jerry and Elaine about his idea to open a pizza parlor where the customers make their own pizzas. The fast-casual, customizable pizza concept has caught on quickly, with places like 800 Degrees, Blaze Pizza, and PizzaRev leading the charge with affordable, piping-hot pies fresh out of wood-burning ovens. The latter is opening a new location in Koreatown, and to entice its new neighbors PizzaRev is pulling a Radiohead pay-what-you-want move on October 9th. An $8 dollar contribution is suggested, and proceeds will be funneled towards the L.A. Animal Services North Central Shelter. But for those who feel adamant about saving every penny in their pocket: anyone who follows PizzaRev on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and shows proof of such will receive a free pizza on October 12th, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

redarrow PizzaRev, 3150 Wilshire Blvd., Koreatown

Dog Haus Opens in West Covina
West Covina may not be a highly-trafficked, destination getaway, but for those who like a solid weekend adventure involving Indonesian food, it is certainly a rewarding place. If you happen to be out there and want to pre-game before an inevitable feast of nasi bungkus and nasi goreng, stop by Dog Haus on October 4th for its grand opening and snag yourself a free hot dog. Rather than just the classic ballpark variety painted with a simple stripe of mustard and ketchup, their all-beef skinless dogs invoke the Steroid-era of America’s favorite past time: the Tae Kwon Dog comes with a bulgogi glaze, kimchi, a fried egg, and Korean chili powder, while the Grand Slam boasts smoked bacon, a fried egg, tater tots, and maple syrup Sriracha. And lest we forget to mention that all frankfurters are wedged between two grilled, mildly sweet Hawaiian rolls.

redarrow Dog Haus, 2616 E. Garvey Ave., West Covina