Free Donuts at Plan Check Tomorrow

Homer Simpson must be dreaming

Photograph courtesy

There’s only one thing better than a donut in this world, and that’s a free donut! Plan Check in West L.A. is celebrating its first anniversary by giving everyone who dines there this Wednesday a free order of chef Ernesto Uchimura’s cruller donuts.

I haven’t gotten to try them personally, but our trusty local food blogger KevinEats describes them as “spot on texturally—crisp on the outside, with rich, creamy, warm interiors” and thought they had a “churro-like sweet ‘n’ spicy character” that played well off the fruit and whipped cream they were served with. Hmmmm… maybe I’ll just have to get my but down there tomorrow. 

One free order of donuts per dining party on Wednesday, February 20 only.

Plan Check Kitchen & Bar, 1800 Sawtelle Blvd., West Los Angeles,