Forget the Power Drill, Dad Wants Lamb Chops for Father’s Day

For this food-writing father, Fig & Olive’s Rosemary Lamb Chops are the best gift a guy could get

If you’re a daddy (or just like to be called daddy), you’re probably looking forward to Father’s Day this Sunday. Aside from the power tools, neckties, and Fitbits, something delicious to eat is probably high on your paternal wish list.

Being a dad myself and well-documented food fanatic, my Father’s Day dish pick was a tough one, considering all the outstanding food I’ve enjoyed so far this year. But, if forced to choose, it’d have to be one of my favorite types of meat—lamb, more specifically, lamb chops.

By a big margin, my favorite lamb chops that I’ve eaten in quite a while come from Fig & Olive in West Hollywood. A pair of sexy grilled chops is served alongside grilled polenta, roasted bell pepper, jalapeño, and braised eggplant. The whole thing is topped with rosemary garlic olive oil—the same one that’s available in Fig & Olive’s retail collection.

fig olive lamb chop glass

Photograph by Eddie Lin

The real pyrotechnics here involve smoke under glass, which is what brings the razzle dazzle to this lamb chop plate. Smoked à la minute with a bouquet of Herbs de Provence, the signature dish is inspired by Fig & Olive’s founder Laurent Halasz and his upbringing in Mougins in the South of France. Rosemary is set aflame, and then the sprigs are placed atop the lamb chops and covered with a glass cake dome to capture the flavors. Upon release at the table, aromatic smoke escapes beneath the dome to engulf the room with rustic scents.

This ritual isn’t only visually captivating, it pretty much acts as a Pavlovian starter pistol, activating my drool centers. And just like with America’s favorite dad Homer Simpson, where there’s drool, there’s yummy food.

Sure, Homer can have his doughnut, but let me have quality time alone with my Fig & Olive Rosemary Lamb Chop. By the time I’ve devoured all the succulent, savory meat with a floral smokiness that’s almost hypnotic, there’s nothing left but bone. Even then, I gnaw and gnaw like a hungry papa bear after a long walk in the woods.

After all, father gnaws best.

redarrowFig & Olive, 8490 Melrose Place, West Hollywood, 310-360-9100