Food News: The Abbey Goes Global, Caviar Picnics, Bouchon does Burgers, and More!


News from the gulf coast seems to be getting worse and worse. Those pictures of brown pellicans drenched in goo are just tragic—frankly, I had to stop looking—and so is what’s happening to the area’s devastated fishing industry and the folks that depend on it. But there’s some good news: As usual, food enthusiasts, your penchant for fine eating can help fund more than that bus boy’s new iPhone. From June 10-12, participating restaurants nationwide will donate portions of proceeds to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund which makes emergency grants to nonprofit organizations helping victims of the spill. So far, the only restaurants taking part locally are Susan Feniger’s Street and the Bazaar by José Andrés. (C’mon L.A.! Check out the list of San Fran do-gooders!) No word yet on what exact promotion Street will be doing—each restaurant gets to come up with their own benefit program—but the Bazaar has pledged to donate all proceeds from its Sautéed Shrimp, garlic and guindilla pepper dish ($14) to the cause during this two day period.

Check out the website for more information or to donate directly to the program.