Food Lovers: Good Eggs’ Meg Glasser and Max Kanter


Meg Glasser and Max Kanter are the team leaders and community builders for Good Eggs L.A., the online food delivery network that connects Angelenos with local and artisanal foodstuffs in a way that’s revolutionizing the local food scene. Here, they show the steps it took to make it all happen:

Step 1: Become a Food Disruptor
“I read about Good Eggs in an issue of Wired,” says Glasser. “I thought the Bay Area company had the potential to change a city’s entire food economy. I wanted to bring that to L.A.”

Step 2 : Learn to Multitask
“When we first started,” says Kanter, “the two of us did pretty much everything—packing, delivery, recruiting, customer support. Our goal was just to make people aware of us.”

Step 3: Convince the Farmers
“Getting the craft food specialists on board to sell was easy,” says Kanter. “Farmers were more difficult. We had to introduce them to a whole new business model.”

(Oh, and Recruit 160-plus producers)

Step 4: Share the Local Food Gospel
“We hold team lunches at our food hub every day, using specialties from our producers to help our staff better connect with the stuff they’re selling,” says Kanter. “It’s a way to spread the love.”

Step 5: Open in an Old Hostess Factory
“We were searching for a space for our headquarters and found this industrial bakery in Frogtown,” says Glasser. “It used to make junk food—now it’s a center for distributing produce.”

(Don’t forget to hit the streets in your van!)

Step 6: Expand Your Range
“We deliver from Santa Monica to Sierra Madre and from Studio City to South L.A. Next up: the South Bay and more of the San Gabriel and San Fernando valleys. The dream is to provide access to every community,” says Glasser.


Meg Glasser and Max Kanter are two of 25 L.A. “Food Lovers” featured in our November, 2014 Food Lovers Guide on newsstands now