Food Lovers Encyclopedia: Wheat Away

Suppliers for those looking to give gluten the heave-ho

Illustration by John Burgoyne

Breakaway Bakery
You’d expect to find a kosher bakery along this stretch of Pico Boulevard, but  one that excludes gluten is an extra mitzvah. There are also babka and challah (Dayenu!) as well as lemon bars, cakes, and frozen dough. 

Rising Hearts Bakery
Folks who remember Culver City’s the Sensitive Baker and its garlic breadsticks, worry not. The name has changed, but the gluten-free goodies are the same and include bialys, pumpkin muffins, and those breadsticks we’d down by the bushel. 

Pam MacD’s Gluten-free Market
Talk to any Angeleno with celiac disease, and they’re no doubt regulars at Pam MacDonald’s Burbank market. Dedicated to gluten-free products, her shop carries staples like frozen pizzas and sports drinks.