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Illustration by John Burgoyne

Takikawa, Shu
[the Lactuca sativa savant]
The farmer behind the Garden of….. grows the most delectable, perfect-looking lettuces we’ve seen in Los Angeles. And he does so without shade in the hot Santa Ynez Valley. That’s like making snowmen in Joshua Tree. He explains the method behind the miracle.

[whaddya mean, you didn’t preorder?]
Heritage versus Butterball versus your pocketbook. Choosing your Thanksgiving headliner can be as tricky as cooking it, and splurging for a flavorful heritage turkey—like the poultry version of an heirloom tomato—can run from $7 to $17 a pound. For our money, we love the fowl brought in by Nathan McCall of McCall’s Meat & Fish Co. in Los Feliz. Last year a 12-pound heritage bird from Pennsylvania set us back about $150, but it tasted the most like, well, turkey, than anything we’ve ever had. Bonus: We scored some incredible fennel sausage for stuffing.