Food Lovers Encyclopedia: K

An encyclopedia of good taste: K

Illustration by John Burgoyne

[the sharper the better]
In the back of a Venice storefront, Jon Broida slides a knife over a whetstone as a young area chef on break gazes adoringly at his new toy. The Santa Monica-born cutlery enthusiast began as a cook at places like Il Grano, but he’s become famous for importing specialty steel blades from Japanese craftsmen. The light, brittle knives aren’t for everyone, but customers like Ink.’s Michael Voltaggio and Superba Snack Bar’s Jason Neroni will use nothing else. Models cost from $25 to $2,500, and Broida delights in showing newbies how to use and care for the fine tools.

[the family that pickles together…]
Four generations of Krüegermanns have been making old-timey sauerkraut and classic pickles with Teutonic cred in Los Angeles’s Frogtown neighborhood. Don’t believe us? Just ask Helga, the clan’s matriarch.