Food Lovers Encyclopedia: G

An encyclopedia of good taste: G

Illustration by John Burgoyne

[bread’s best friend, a celiac disease sufferer’s foe]
Gluten may give baguettes that satisfying chew, but these days many Angelenos want it out of their food. Fortunately, resources for the wheat averse abound.

Granada Market
[a neighborhood bodega turned Japanese]
For 36 years the owner of this small mart on Sawtelle Boulevard has been making predawn treks to the same wholesale seafood market frequented by premier chefs. By day, Ray Mukai is wedged behind the counter, handing over gossamer slices of pork for shabu-shabu and imported Japanese fish. Little Osaka pantry essentials include locally made Akiyama pickles, Nanka Seimen noodles, and Meiju tofu. > 310-479-0931