Food Lovers Encyclopedia: F

An encyclopedia of good taste: F

Illustration by John Burgoyne

Farm Stay
[playing out your agricultural pipe dream]
You’ve envisioned retiring to an apple orchard somewhere. Test drive the experience (with the tykes!) at one of several Central California farms that let you make a weekend of it. [See Fig. 2.] 

[an all-purpose alternative]
Los Angeles is known more for its carbophobia than its rolling fields of grain, but that changes as you head north. Since 2011, Oakland-based Community Grains has been working with California farmers and millers to return nearly extinct, state-grown whole grains to our bread baskets. The nutty hard red winter wheat flour makes crusty work of artisanal loaves, while the amber durum turns out pasta with an al dente bite. You’ll find these fresh-milled revelations at Surfas in Culver City.

[when chefs ditch clogs for hiking boots]
What’s not to like about free produce? Poisoning yourself won’t be a worry if you tag along with Pascal Baudar on his Friday morning foraging hikes, offered for $10 a pop at alternating locations. As he gathers ingredients for the wild seed crackers and purslane salsa that appear on his weekend cooking class menus, you receive a plein-air grocery store tour.