Food Lovers Encyclopedia: C

An encyclopedia of good taste: C

[our dairy raison d’être]
Ready for this? Cheese is seasonal. Like produce, the availability of many international artisanal cheeses depends on the time of year. Right now Cheese Corner, Laurent Bonjour’s mobile fromage truck, makes the farmers’ market circuit with pungent Mont d’Or aged in spruce boxes (“Leave it out as long as you can—it will call you when it is ready,” says Bonjour). By summer tangy rounds of Cabécou, a spring goat milk cheese wrapped in chestnut leaves, are in full bloom.

[an increasingly froufrou elixir of life]
High quality, direct trade, single origin: “Third Wave” coffeehouses are by now de rigueur for gentrifying urban locales. That’s all well and good, but what if we like do-it-yourself brewing? (Or can’t leave the house before that first cup?) We’ve seen several notable new coffee roasters percolating around town.

Cottage Food Law
[turn that breadmaker into a moneymaker]
Your homemade cookies that everyone swears they’d buy by the dozen? You’re in luck. Governor Jerry Brown just approved the California Homemade Food Act (AB 1616), which allows the limited sale of “non-potentially hazardous” homemade foods. Translation: You won’t need a professional kitchen to sell homemade jams and baked goods like cookies and fruit pies—meat fillings and dairy excluded. Drat! Chocolate cream is our favorite.