Food Lovers Encyclopedia: A

An encyclopedia of good taste: A

Altadena Farmers’ Market
[a superniche market in a northeast nook]
Loma Alta Park is the setting for one of L.A.’s newest and trendiest farmers’ markets. Manager Joseph Shuldiner is a graphic designer turned artisan advocate who has put Altadena on the national food map. The draw at the Wednesday afternoon bazaar is the exclusive array of local small-batch goods, from Brassica and Brine’s sauerkraut to Plow & Gun Coffee’s coffee soda (on tap!) to outrageous ice creams from Mother Moo Creamery. (Combine the last two for a dreamy coffee float.) > 600 W. Palm St., Altadena.

Avocado Honey
[pollination never tasted so good]
Guacamole is merely a Hass fantasy until bees pollinate the flowers that produce California’s bumper crop. The other by-product is chestnut-colored avocado honey, available from Honey Pacifica at area farmers’ markets. Add a few tablespoons of the molasses-like honey to whole grain and gingerbread recipes, or tame a sharp Gorgonzola with a sweet drizzle. Savor the circle of life by pairing the syrup with its rightful mate: a buttery avocado.