Food Lover: Rick Nahmias, the Robin Hood of Local Produce


It’s hard to reconcile the amount of food goes to waste in this country when so many people are living without enough to eat. Rick Nahmias decided to do something about it. Here, the Food Forward founder talks about what inspired him to start spreading the wealth of local produce:

“Right after the ’08 election, I was embittered about Prop 8. getting shot down, and I wanted to do something positive. On a walk with my dog I noticed all the trees with fallen fruit rotting on the ground. While people in our city are hungry? To not do something would’ve been criminal. My first pick yielded 85 pounds of tangerines from a neighbor’s yard in Valley Glen. I took it all to SOVA Community Food and Resource Program in Van Nuys. A few weeks later I harvested more than 800 pounds of citrus, and it’s just grown organically since then, no pun intended. We now host more than 90 harvests per month and just donated our five-millionth pound of food.”

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Nahmias is one of 25 L.A. “Food Lovers” featured in our November, 2014 Food Lovers Guide