Food Gift Guide: What We Want for the Holidays

Our contributors pick fruit sauces, tamales, sugar cookies, the best bacon, and more

Eddie Lin

Iberico bacon from Fermin
If you’re a bacon lover, you need to try the best bacon in the world made from the pata negra Spanish hog. $15.99

The “Aarti Paarti” cookbook
Aarti Sequeira’s modern Indian soul-food recipes are easy to follow, and the end results are as good as they look in the book. $28

Can Bech fruit sauces for cheese
I love fancy cheeses, and these fruit sauces complement them like a good wine. $9.99 for a gift pack with apple, pistachio, and cinnamon sauce.

Shun chef knife
Sharp as a sword. $99.95


Bill Esparza

My holiday wishlist: I would like banana-leaf tamales from Tamales Elena, my Guatemalan friend who visits and makes pig-ear and pig’s-feet tamales, and Mariscos El Cristalazo’s shrimp tamales. For my kitchen, I’d like some attachments for my vintage KitchenAid mixer, a coffee grinder, and an immersion blender to step up my cooking game for 2015. For New Year’s Eve this year, I’ll hope to have a Cohiba and a great bottle of rum to ring in the New Year. Oh, and dinner at Q Sushi!

Valentina Silva

Sugar cookies from Elsa’s Bakery in Highland Park
Owner Edmundo Rodriguez says they ship these cookies all over the country to former Highland Park residents who still crave them. They’re buttery with a hint of cinnamon, and the texture is perfectly crumbly. I’d love a big box. The cookies are 50 cents each. 5102 York Boulevard, 323-256-9455