The Food Event: Meet the Chefs – Vartan Abgaryan

See what the Cliff’s Edge chef has in store for Sunday

The 9th annual Los Angeles magazine Food Event takes place on Sunday, October 19, and once again we couldn’t be more proud of the stellar line-up of restaurants. To whet your appetite, we caught up with some of our guest chefs to find out what they’ll be making and what they are most excited to see at the event. Get tickets and more information.

Chef: Vartan Abgaryan, Cliff’s Edge

What other restaurant or restaurants are you most looking forward to seeing at the event?
“I am honestly really excited to see everyone. We all work very hard in our kitchen and it’s great to get out an do these events because it give us all a chance to connect and hang out.”

Have you decided what you will be serving? If not, what do you have to take into account when choosing a dish to serve to 3,000 people?
“I don’t let the fact that I am serving 10 people to 3000 people really dictate my dish. I always look forward to representing my true self. I cook from a refined point of view and even when I do events, I always stick to that same focus. This year…I am serving a parsnips roasted in duck fat and fall spices. It will be paired with dates, creme fraiche, grape must, fresh and crisped herbs and a vinaigrette made with mulled spice vinegar. It’s really a great dish..super seasonal with lots of flavor and texture.”

What fall ingredient currently has you inspired?
“I love squash…I have always loved squash. Every year I look forward to cooking with it. This year I decided to take 3 different types of squash and highlight 3 different cooking techniques. Some squash are good for roasting, some for puréed and soups and so on. I am working with Kabocha, Delicata, and Butternut.”

Since we’ll all be spending the day in Malibu, which do you prefer mountains or beach?
“Love the beach!  Love the smell, the sand! Love seafood in general…I always find myself really inspired! There is something a out the calm and waves that really do it for me.”