The Food Event: Meet the Chefs – Michael Hung

Why the Faith & Flower chef is excited to cook in Malibu

The 9th annual Los Angeles magazine Food Event takes place on Sunday, October 19, and once again we couldn’t be more proud of the stellar line-up of restaurants. To whet your appetite, we caught up with some of our guest chefs to find out what they’ll be making and what they are most excited to see at the event. Get tickets and more information.

Chef: Micheal Hung, Faith & Flower

What other restaurant or restaurants are you most looking forward to seeing at the event?
“I am excited to see Vartan from Cliff’s Edge. His food is great and he is such a generous-hearted person that the experience of eating his cooking is magnified. I am also looking forward to seeing the Animal guys. I hope they bring their gold leaf game to the event!”

What do you have to take into account when choosing a dish to serve to 3,000 people?
“For an event as large as this one, streamlined execution is important, however I think it is equally important to consider things like time and place. We are going to be out in Malibu, in the afternoon, the sun shining—I want the dish I am serving to be refreshing.”

What fall ingredient currently has you inspired?
“Ha! Is it fall yet? I love the fall. The transition of seasons brings about a great diversity of ingredients. One of my favorite fall combinations is peppers and hard squash. I think the sweetness of the two pairs well. Add some heat and tanginess and you have a great balance of flavors.”

Since we’ll all be spending the day the Malibu, which do you prefer mountains or beach?
“In this heat, the beach is the place to be.”