The Food Event: Meet the Chefs – C.J. Jacobson

Girasol’s top chef busts out the brown butter

The 9th annual Los Angeles magazine Food Event takes place on Sunday, October 19, and once again we couldn’t be more proud of the stellar line-up of restaurants. To whet your appetite, we caught up with some of our guest chefs to find out what they’ll be making and what they are most excited to see at the event. Get tickets and more information.

Chef: C.J. Jacobson, Girasol

What other restaurant or restaurants are you most looking forward to seeing at the event?
“I’m excited, like always, to see Brooke Williamson and her husband. I’m also very excited to see what Tal Ronnen of Crossroads will demo. I love vegetables and am always looking for new preparations and points of view.”

Have you decided what you will be serving? If not, what do you have to take into account when choosing a dish to serve to 3,000 people?
“When cooking for 3000, don’t make the garnish too difficult. But I do think of it as a good opportunity to have staff practice doing repetitive techniques—like quenelles.”

What fall ingredient currently has you inspired?
“I love brown butter. Do it properly and for a long time, learn much you will. It’s a great addition to reductions—savory or sweet. It’s also good served cold.”

Since we’ll all be spending the day in the Malibu hills, which do you prefer mountains or beach?
“I appreciate both. They are entirely different. It’s like comparing fruit and vegetables.”