A Sneak Peek at Some of the Delicious Things to Eat at the Food Event 2018

L.A.’s best restaurants will be in Malibu on October 21—and you should be too

On October 21, 40 of L.A.’s best restaurants—and one famously photogenic giraffe—will gather at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu for our 13th annual Food Event. Celebrity chefs including the Crack Shack’s Richard Blais and David Kuo of Little Fatty will be on hand doing demos, and a slew of wine and spirits brands will keep the bevs flowing.

But we’re talking about the Food Event, so chances are you want to know more about all the tasty eats that’ll be served up. Here’s a peek at the (subject-to-change) menus chefs shared with us in advance. Do not read this if you’re hungry. And get tickets here.


Amor Y Tacos/Playa Amor

New Mexico Hatch chile campanelle with chicharron crumbs

B Sweet/ Big Boi

Chicken adobo, steamed rice, and pan de sal bread pudding with ube drizzle

Baby J’s

Burgers, shakes, and brownies

Bone Kettle 

Arancini (fried rice balls)

Casa Vega with Laura’s Lean Beef

Albondigas lollipops with cilantro yogurt dipping sauce


Cookie Dough Dreams

Dough Babies (miniature cones served with a scoop of cookie dough), cannoli (cannoli shells stuffed with cookie dough), and Dippers (cookie dough sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies, served with whipped cream)


Whipped beans with heirloom white beans, crispy pork, cotija cheese, onion, radish, and pickled onion; and corn with queso fresco, cotija, cilantro aioli, and chili lime salt

Eataly L.A.

Arrosticini Abruzzesi (lamb-mutton)


Fat Dragon

Spicy Sichuan cold noodles

Gabi James

Albondigas chimayo and assorted gildas


White fish sashimi with vegetable gelee


Roasted Honey Nut Squash with miso, pickled apples, and bottarga

Hip Hot

Fish stew with Szechuan pickles


Papaya salad


Beef barbacoa tacos with homemade tortillas; and Memelas with cilantro (handmade corn disc, layered with black bean paste, Oaxacan cheese, and marinated pork)



Yukhae (steak tartare) with crispy potatoes and horseradish-turmeric cream


Smoked Pasturebird chicken, chicken cracklin’, pickled pepper, benne milk bread

Maude and Gwen

Green Grape Gazpacho with cucumber, tomatillo, and roasted Anaheim chile

Michael’s Santa Monica

Shell bean Naengmyeon with marinated hen egg, Asian pear, and scallion


Breakfast radishes with anchovy butter; tiki cake



Ceviche: shrimp, snapper, scallops, chayote, Fresno chile, onion, cilantro, served with a yucca chip

Smitten Ice Cream

Ice cream and toppings


Margherita pizza


Mole-braised beef cheek mini tostada; Wagyu braised short rib, celeriac puree, and crispy farro tabouli


Roasted garlic and short rib toast


The Bellwether 

Tuna tostada (oil poached, salsa morita, avocado habanero, nasturtium)

The Exchange

Albacore tostada

The Gables

Patty Melt with balsamic onions, american and cheddar cheese, on rye bread


Crack Potatoes (aji amarillo aioli, lime, cilantro, serrano)

Wood & Water

Cajun gumbo with shrimp, chicken, andouille sausage, and calamari; and Moroccan marinated lamb skewers topped with cilatro yogurt, over hummus and crispy chickpeas


Open-faced brisket biscuit with house pickles

The Food Event 2018, Saddlerock Ranch at Malibu Family Wines, 31727 Mulholland Hwy., Malibu; Sun., Oct. 21, 2-5 p.m.