Food Bloggers In The Outfield


We’re not sure what Andre Ethier’s official take on garlic fries and Farmer John’s jumbo dogs at Dodger Stadium might be. But thanks to his new major league baseball-approved foodie blog, Dining with ’Dre, we now know a good deal about how the Dodger outfielder has found the fare at a couple of unsung L.A. restaurants. In occasional reviews—he’ll likely have more time to eat-n-write, now that he’s been bumped from the starting lineup by Manny Ramirez’s less-than-quiet debut—he writes about the ongoing adventures of a palate refined through assiduous viewings of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show on Dodger road trips. Ethier’s blog is illustrated with the digital photos he takes—the flash is so bright on the croquetas de pollo at La Paellaor the yet-to-be shabu-shabued pork at Shabu-Hachi that the dishes look like they’re being interrogated. Ethier’s assessments, while largely complimentary, can be just as direct: “The mushrooms soaked up the flavor nicely,” he writes about a chorizo dish, “ but unfortunately, the grease too.”