Foie Gras Fashion Statement


We saw plenty of intriguing fashion choices at this weekend’s Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival, from buffet pants and cleavage-baring sundresses to oversized straw hats and ridiculous but practical wine glass lanyards that allow you to keep your hands free for maximum food fest consumption. Our favorite style statement was made by Michael Voltaggio. At a Sunday morning cooking demo with his brother Bryan, the chef wore a black t-shirt emblazoned wth the four thick, vertical bars known to hardcore fans. Only this shirt replaced the band name “Black Flag” with the words “Foie Gras.”

An astute Twitter follower wondered: Is it wise to appropriate Black Flag’s logo in a town where Henry Rollins might actually be lurking around some random corner? Perhaps not. But we like it. And we’re pretty sure it was no coincidence that older brother Bryan had “smuggled” some foie gras into California — and into the demo. Earlier Bryan had Tweeted: “Oh shoot, did not know on Friday that the servings of foie at  lunch at  was illegal. Oh well guess I’m under a rock 😉

In front of Sunday morning’s crowd, Michael urged his older brother, “Go ahead, sell it to me. I dare you.”